Meet the Driver

Hey there!

I’m the driver of the Struggle Bus and creator of Struggle Bus Central, a blog dedicated to the comedies of life. I designed this site to be a source of happiness and distraction for internet browsers all over the world. After all, life’s a game and we should all play together.

For myself, it was a way to stay busy and share many of my loves in life with people of similar interests. I started it to share my costumes and games and books, but eventually redid it to focus more on information that other people would get a kick out of.

So, a little bit about your resident driver:

I am a 20-something seemingly-perpetual-student with degrees in Graphic Design and Studio Art, and a certification-in-progress as a Surgical Technician. I could sit here and tell you about my 3 darling children, 2 dogs, and loving husband, except I have exactly none of those things, so I won’t do that. Instead, I’ll direct you to the menu at the top so you can join me in all of the things I enjoy (and some of the struggles that I didn’t).

And don’t forget, enjoy the ride!

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