Outrun the Moon

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About three months ago, I came across Outrun the Moon, a book by Stacey Lee. She is better known for her book Under a Painted Sky, but I have never read that one. This one I read twice in a week.

Written for a Young Adult audience, the story follows an oriental girl named Mercy trying to take care of her family in a time where racism is running rampant outside of her home in Chinatown. She seemed destined to live in poverty forever, but started to take steps to change her destiny. Mercy decides to apply for a place at a prestigious girl’s school in hopes of making a better future for herself and her loved ones. Through discrimination, bullying, loneliness, heartache, and loss, she continues to persevere and stubbornly refuses to let life’s cruelty turn her into a wicked person.

It’s a hilariously witty novel despite the darker undertones, and it features a lot of great life lessons. I’m not going to lie, I did a lot of laughing and little bit of crying as I trekked through the story alongside Mercy and her friends. It was even one of the few novels that I took a highlighter to. And I had to! Because this book is a goldmine of inspirational quotes. I’ll share some of my favorites with you:

About patience and perseverance:

  • “I have found that the sweetest fruit comes from the trees that have been given time to grow.”
  • “Sometimes you have to throw out lots of sand to find your nugget. But you’ll never find it if you stop shaking.”
  • “You want to climb to the top, you’ll have to pass through some rough stretches. They won’t last forever. Just make it through today.”

About pain and regret:

  • “Ma says we can measure our lives by our pain. There is the pain of our first steps, and of losing our first tooth. The pain of a parent’s anger, and the disappointment when something doesn’t go our way. Each advances us in some way, leading us further into the experience of being human. If Ma is right, then I must be an old woman now…”
  • “‘For your penance, I invite you to weed the herb garden adjacent to the chapel. While you weed, I would like you to think about uprooting the sins from your own life’….. I could be weeding for a long time.”

About kindness and choices:

  • “When I applied for a job at the cemetery, Mr. Mortimer told me people did not want to see a yellow face while mourning, but I proved him wrong. Most found another human face comforting, and it didn’t matter what color–yellow, brown, white, or indigo–only that someone cared.”
  • “Ma says a thoughtful person makes a better friend than a person full of thoughts.”
  • “Silence is wisdom’s best reply.”

If you’re interested in getting a copy, it’s available on Amazon for about $10, as you can see from the link below. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

Outrun the Moon


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